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init(int) - Method in class com.simplyrugby.controllers.HomeController
Initialising the view by adding the data for the current squad
init(int) - Method in class com.simplyrugby.controllers.SkillsMenuController
Initialising the view and adding the players skill categories to the combo box
init(int, String) - Method in class com.simplyrugby.controllers.NotesController
Initialising the view and fetching the players current skill notes
init(String, int) - Method in class com.simplyrugby.controllers.SkillDetailsController
Initialising the form and adding the skill data to the table and setting up edit event handlers
InputDialog - Class in com.simplyrugby.utils
InputDialog utility class to provide easy input dialogs
InputDialog() - Constructor for class com.simplyrugby.utils.InputDialog
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