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category - Variable in class com.simplyrugby.objects.SkillCategory
The name of the skill category
com.simplyrugby - package com.simplyrugby
The project package
com.simplyrugby.controllers - package com.simplyrugby.controllers
Contains the controllers for the views
com.simplyrugby.exceptions - package com.simplyrugby.exceptions
Contains the custom exceptions for the project
com.simplyrugby.models - package com.simplyrugby.models
Contains the model
com.simplyrugby.objects - package com.simplyrugby.objects
Contains the classes to be used in the project
com.simplyrugby.utils - package com.simplyrugby.utils
Contains utilities classes to assist in development efficiency
ComboBoxItem - Class in com.simplyrugby.objects
Contains data for a combobox item with hidden data
ComboBoxItem(String, int) - Constructor for class com.simplyrugby.objects.ComboBoxItem
confirmationDialog(String, boolean) - Static method in class com.simplyrugby.utils.InputDialog
Creates a confirmation alert which can be easily displayed to the user to gather input
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